Take Me With You

TakeScreen Shot 2017-04-02 at 6.46.38 PM Me With You by Catherine Ryan Hyde

Recommended to me by my wife – read in her book club – this is a book about carrying for others and its tremendous benefits. The general premise is a recovering alcoholic high-school teacher serendipitously happens upon 2 adolescent boys who need care-taking for the summer and their adventure through US national parks. The book inspired me to book a camping reservation in Yosemite – which I did – and take an RV trip with my family – pending. Also, inspired me to attend AA meetings – also pending.

Favorite quotes: 

“People learned by what they experienced. It mattered little what anyone said to anyone.”

“It’s one thing to know the right path and another thing to take.”

“My pace was different. It’s just a whole different mindset. It’s more about being than doing. When you find a place you like, you just be there.”


I’m not sure I’d recommend it, but for me personally, it was a nice detour to a genre and subject matter I wouldn’t have likely chosen on my own. So thumbs up.


Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX

Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future by Ashlee Vancescreen-shot-2017-01-14-at-9-33-18-am

I would include this on the list of a MUST READS.

Elon Musk is a visionary that come around a few times in a generation.

He is CEO of two enormously successful and disruptive companies in the world: Tesla and SpaceX. I love that he sets bigger goals than anyone can imagine…and he reaches them! He has approached catastrophic failure more than once and persevered.

Defying convention he founded both companies in two of the highest cost areas of the world (Silicon Valley and Los Angeles) and now thanks to him America is leading next generation consumer vehicle design and space exploration.

So many interesting anecdotes in the book, including how he demanded handles on the Tesla that popped out when you approached the car…the engineers and finance resisted relentlessly, but you know how that ended.

Post-reading I invested heavily in Tesla…confident he’ll outperform S&P!


As an aspiring entrepreneur, this resonates: “Musk also began to hone his trademark style of entering an ultracomplex business and not letting the fact that he knew very little about the industry’s nuances bother him in the slightest.”

“If you told him that you made a particular choice because ‘it was the standard way things had always been done,’ he’d kick you out of a meeting fast. He’d say, ‘I never want to hear that phrase again. What we have to do is fucking hard and half-assing things won’t be tolerated.’ He just destroys you and, if you survive, he determines if he can trust you. He has to understand that you’re as crazy as he is.”

“Either you’re trying to make something spectacular with no compromises or you’re not.”

Shoe Dog

IMG_4483I recommend this book if:

  • You’re from Oregon
  • Attended University of Oregon
  • Interested in Nike (obviously).
  • Running, Prefontaine, Bill Bowerman, etc..
  • Interested in Entrepreneurship

Authored by Phil himself, I found the book inspiring because Phil feels like an ordinary guy. He drinks, parties with his friends/coworkers and builds an extraordinary company.

A common denominator of all great start-ups it seems, is how often he was on the verge of total collapse and bankruptcy, but always persevered.

One of my favorite quotes “The cowards never started and the weak died along the way. That leaves us, ladies and gentlemen. Us.”