Take Me With You

TakeScreen Shot 2017-04-02 at 6.46.38 PM Me With You by Catherine Ryan Hyde

Recommended to me by my wife – read in her book club – this is a book about carrying for others and its tremendous benefits. The general premise is a recovering alcoholic high-school teacher serendipitously happens upon 2 adolescent boys who need care-taking for the summer and their adventure through US national parks. The book inspired me to book a camping reservation in Yosemite – which I did – and take an RV trip with my family – pending. Also, inspired me to attend AA meetings – also pending.

Favorite quotes: 

“People learned by what they experienced. It mattered little what anyone said to anyone.”

“It’s one thing to know the right path and another thing to take.”

“My pace was different. It’s just a whole different mindset. It’s more about being than doing. When you find a place you like, you just be there.”


I’m not sure I’d recommend it, but for me personally, it was a nice detour to a genre and subject matter I wouldn’t have likely chosen on my own. So thumbs up.


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