Get the Edge on Longevity and Fitness

Summer is winding down and its been a whirlwind! Bachelor parties, weddings, 10 year anniversary, Vegas, Disneyland; I have no complaints, but am ready to relax.  I have “exercised” or trained about 50% less this year than last. I managed to win my age group for a 2nd year in a row at the Malibu Triathlon in LA, where all proceeds go to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.  
People have asked me for advice, so I’m posting the little I know here. I want to credit Ben Greenfield for most of this advice. Here we go. 
“No secret about it, if something bothers you, you better get rid of it.” – 106 year old.  

Point here is the biggest deterrent to longevity and health is: stress…figure out how to rid yourself of it!  

Eating: Avoid wheat and sugar.  You do this, your life and body change drastically; for the better. Take it up a notch and avoid vegetable oils and all processed foods. If someone 1000 years ago couldn’t eat, neither should you (Paleo in a nutshell). Eat grass-fed beef, it’s delicious and good for you. Buy it in bulk and have it delivered to your house. Eat lot’s of wild fish, no farm-raised.  

Aim for 50-25-25 diet: 50% healthy fats, 25% protein, 25% carbs. Healthy fats = grass-fed beef fat, avocados, olive oil. Carbs = sweat potatoes, white rice, quinoa, for example.  

Stop eating breakfast. Its referred to as daily intermittent fasting. You eat dinner and whatever at ~7:00pm and you eat again ~11:00am next day: that’s 16 hours your body will function without food. This will train you to burn FAT as an energy source and wean you off the daily snacking of carbs to maintain energy levels. Your goal is to become a Fat-Burner instead of a Sugar-Burner (read Wheat Belly…its a page turner you can kill off on a Sat afternoon).  

I don’t live strictly by these rules – I eat pizza and drink wine (lot’s sometimes) – but if given choices, you know which side to err on. 

Supplements:The reality is if you eat a healthy diet you probably don’t need, but why take the chance.  Use this website to select and buy your supplements: It’s completely objective and scientific analysis of the quality of supplement.  
Almost daily I take the following:  
  • FishOilHundreds of studies suggest that omega-3s fight cancer, asthma, depression, cardiovascular disease, ADHD, autoimmune diseases, and more. 
  • Astaxanthin: a powerful antioxident and natural skin protector.
  • TianChi: A Chinese herbal supplement that calms the nervous system and awakens the brain. Mix with water and take in the morning on an empty stomach. This stuff is awesome! 
  • Ginseng: Koreans look 20 years younger than they are and are smart as hell…in my travels there, they swear by it. Plus it gives the guys an extra uumphh down below:)  
  • Echinacea: Frankly, haven’t done a lot of research here, but I pop a few of these during the week…obviously, we know its supposed to be good for maintaining health.  

Podcasts: I experiment and listen to a LOT of podcasts.  I recommend these two above all: 

Exercise:Forget the chronic cardio; the amount of time you work out is not important, but the quality of workout is paramount! Workout at least 4 times/ week for 30 minutes, but destroy yourself during those 30 minutes…be gasping for air, hurt, tired and wanting more (embrace the suck).  You do that and it will be the most productive 2 hours of your week from a mind and body perspective. You WILL see results. You’ll burn sugar during the workout and fat for the remaining 23.5 hours.  

Sleep: Remiss if I don’t mention this…possibly the most important…and one that I struggle with. Figure out how to sleep 7-8 hours a night. Your body and brain develop and heal during deep sleep and if you aren’t getting it, you’re short changing your overall health and intelligence! Lately when I’m worried or stressed and think I may wake up at 2:00am thinking about random $tuff, I pop a Melatonin; it’s also a ‘natural’ supplement. But be careful, I wouldn’t use more than a couple of times/ week, as you don’t want your body to stop manufacturing naturally.  

The End: 
I hope you find this useful. Its the ultimate Cliff notes to healthier better living…at least based on knowledge I’ve gathered trying to figure this out the last couple of years.  

And my beautiful wife Lorena and I on 10 year anniversary in Las Vegas!